Endesa Manholes

We have several models of Endesa Prefabricated Concrete Manholes. Here you can see them and if you are interested or have any doubt, contact us.

Homologated Endesa Manholes

Arquetas Prefabricados La Morena

Manhole Tipe A-1

H-100 CM
Mouth 53,5x62,5
Base 81,5x90,5
Wall 8 CM

Arqueta Tipo A-2

H-100 CM
Mouth 62x117
Base 90x145
Wall 8 CM

Endesa Maholes

Tipe A-1

H-150 CM
906 KG

H-135 CM
840 KG

H-100 CM
626 KG

Tipe A-2

H-100 CM
890 KG

H-135 CM
1234 KG

Supplement A-1

H-30 CM
275 KG