Precast Concrete


Used to make connections between installations. They can be used in electrical or rainwater collection installations.


They are conduits that can transport water, whether black, rain, surface or other liquids.

Register Wells

They are watertight, have access to the network for sanitation and to improve the ventilation of the canalization.

Drainage Canals

We have different drainage channels armed or in mass, for several uses.


They are designed to transport rain or irrigation water to the sewers.


Mainly used to cover sanitation wells, green areas or pedestrian areas.

Tunnel mouths

Used to maintain the terrain and for water to drain under the corresponding road.


Used for paved pedestrian or traffic areas.

Other pieces

Hoops with base, Milestones, Gardener, Coronation Wall, Tree Trees, Indalos, Massive Block, ditches, bases for well…


Top quality raw materials

At Prefabricados La Morena only work with the highest quality materials on the market, we think it is the only option to offer customers a guarantee that your product will be the best.

Industry experience

More than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of precast concrete guarantees us. We are a safe bet.

High tech

We have the best and latest technological tools to obtain the best final products and test them.


We have more than 80000 square meters of installations. Of which 5000 square meters are warehouses for the manufacture of materials.


standard iso 9001:2015